Cuphead to get animated TV series on Netflix

Almost two years ago, Cuphead hit Xbox One and PC and was an instant indie darling. Its challenging yet fun platforming and boss fights combined with the look of early Disney cartoons like Steamboat Willie led to it getting the indie game of the year award at The Game Awards 2017.

Since then, the game has come to Nintendo Switch and even the dashboard of Tesla cars where it has gathered even more fans. With the excess of fans, Netflix has partnered up with King Features Syndicate (who own the rights to Garfield, Popeye, and Archie) to develop an animated show for Cuphead on the popular streaming service.

The show (simply titled The Cuphead Show!) will expand on the characters and world of Cuphead which features two brothers who make a sinister deal with the devil in a high-stakes gambling match. Cuphead creators Chad and Jared Moldenhauer will act as executive producers for the series while minds behind animated content like Mickey Mouse Shorts and Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling will also contribute.

There’s no release date for The Cuphead Show! but Netflix likely won’t wait long to get the ball rolling. This marks another video game IP for the massive streaming service which will debut an adaptation of The Witcher series next year. The show will star Superman’s Henry Cavil as Geralt of Rivia and will follow more closely to the books rather than the games but should appease both fanbases nonetheless.

There’s currently no word on if more games based on the series are on the way but with the creators branching out to other mediums with the IP, one has to imagine they’re going to continue building stories in that universe.

Cuphead is out now on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC along with a downloadable version on Tesla’s dashboard screen.

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