Gangplank – XCOM Enemy Within Walkthrough Ep. 19 [XCOM Enemy Within Impossible Ironman]

In this episode of our XCOM Enemy Within Impossible Ironman Walkthrough, we complete Gangplank, the third and final mission of the Operation Slingshot DLC on board of an alien battleship.
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We continue our walkthrough of XCOM Enemy Within in this episode on Impossible difficulty with Ironman mode turned on. With the Confounding Light mission behind us, it is now finally time for the third and final Operation Slingshot mission, Gangplank. We touch down on board of the (still flying) alien battleship with the task of disabling six power conduits to safely bring the ship down without destroying the valuable equipment on board. Of course, the aliens have other plans and we soon run into heavy resistance. Sniper Rosilius and his double-tap ability prove to be a valuable asset on this mission, especially once we run into a brand new type of enemy in the Cyberdisc. With 20 hit points, tough defense and a deadly plasma weapon, the Cyberdisc is by far the strongest enemy we have faced so far in this playthrough and we have to take a slightly more risky approach to take it down. Adam suffers some damage but in the end, the Cyberdisc explodes into bits and pieces, we disable the remaining power conduits, complete the mission and unlock the “The Bigger They Are” achievement…

Achievements in Part 19 of the XCOM Enemy Within Walkthrough:
• The Bigger They Are

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In this Completionist XCOM Enemy Within Walkthrough, we attempt to beat XCOM Enemy Unknown as well as its expansions, Enemy Within and the Operations Progeny and Slingshot, on Impossible difficulty with Ironman mode turned on. In this walkthrough, we control a squad of elite soldiers who we sent out on missions against the aliens invaders. All of those soldiers will be named after Patrons from the Patreon Naming Rights tier and the footage from the missions will be edited to make things flow smoothly and to keep episodes short. Our journey will take us through the base game content of XCOM Enemy Unknown which is expanded by the Enemy Within expansion. Two unique DLC missions, Operation Progeny and Operation Slingshot, are also part of this Walkthrough.

This XCOM Enemy Within Walkthrough will be completed on Impossible difficulty, the hardest difficulty setting in XCOM Enemy Within. On Impossible difficulty, enemies will be smarter, tougher, deadlier, and more numerous, while we start with less funding and facilities and an already increased level of global panic. To make things even harder, we also play with Ironman mode turned on, making all of our decisions permanent. Ironman mode prevents us from reverting back to an earlier save file if things go wrong, so if we mess up, we will have to live with the consequences. Paired together, impossible difficulty and Ironman mode provide by far the toughest challenge in XCOM Enemy Within – but they also offer the most intense gameplay experience.

Since this is a completionist walkthrough of XCOM Enemy Within on Impossible Ironman difficulty, we will also focus on unlocking almost all achievements in the game. XCOM Enemy Unknown, Enemy Within, and the Slingshot Pack DLC offer a total of 87 achievements and apart from only seven, we will attempt to unlock them all. The only achievements that will not be covered in this walkthrough are those relating to lower difficulty settings or to XCOM’s multiplayer mode. We will also leave out the “A Continental Fellow” achievement, since it requires five playthroughs of the game, as well as the “An Army of Four” achievement, which would severely limit our squad size and therefore also interfere with my plans of featuring as many of your names as possible. All other achievements will be completed and unlocked.

XCOM Enemy Within is a turn-based action strategy game developed by Firaxis Games and released in 2013. XCOM Enemy Within is the expansion pack to XCOM Enemy Unknown and adds new gameplay elements to the game, including new units, enemies and maps as well as a new resource and a new faction. XCOM’s main storyline remains largely the same: Aliens are invading Earth and nations all across the globe launch the XCOM project to defend against the invasion. As Commander of XCOM, we control a squad of elite soldiers in turn-based combat missions and manage the XCOM Headquarters, where we research and develop new technologies, weapons, armors, and facilities.

All XCOM Enemy Within gameplay for this XCOM Enemy Within Walkthrough on Impossible Ironman difficulty was recorded on PC in 1080p Full HD.


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