Netflix releases first screens of The Witcher series

Popular streaming service Netflix has finally released first official screens of their highly-anticipated series adaptation of CD Projekt RED’s wildly successful RPG series The Witcher. It’s also the first time that we get to see Man of Steel himself Henry Cavill in character of Geralt the legendary Witcher. Check out the images right here!

Geralt played by Henry Cavill
Yennefer played by Anna Cholatra
Ciri played by Freya Allan

Polish game studio CD Projekt RED needed three tries but the talented folks over there finally struck gold with the third outing of their epic RPG series The Witcher. Originally released in 2015, just as the new generation of consoles were hitting off with the PS4 and Xbox One, Geralt‘s third game title blew up like crazy, immediately cemtenting itself as one of the most beloved RPG games of all time. A pretty impressive feat when you consider how the first two Witcher games barely managed to grow beyond a niche audience.

The game’s jump to a large open-world which is filled to the brim with believable characters and stories helped a lot in achieving this feat. But likewise, it was the insane attention to detail and production quality which easily managed to stand toe to toe with the biggest AAA games led to The Witcher 3 stay an evergreen, still being played by thousands.

Despite the game’s massive success, it was still a surprise to everyone when Netflix announces their plans to bring the witching adventures of Geralt to the small screen in form of a series. And once we were greeted by the fantastic casting of Superman actor Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. A great choice as the name recognition of Cavill alone will help popularize The Witcher beyond the realm of gaming.

The Witcher Netflix show is set to air sometime in 2019.

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